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You can turn $1 into $20 worth of critical nutrition!

 Around the world, millions of impoverished children and families are desperately hungry. Affected by the ongoing pandemic, war, illness, natural disaster, migration and more, they are unable to access the food they need to fulfill their basic nutritional needs.

Your support of our Annual Food Distribution Appeal is nothing short of miraculous! Not only does every dollar you give provide $20 worth of food—you also literally help us save lives.

Will YOU make a gift of $10, $25, $50, or whatever you can spare today?

Thanks to our ongoing partnerships with international humanitarian organizations who have donated the food—and our established, trusted presence in more than 130 countries—we are ready and able to deliver life-saving meals to those who need them most. We just need your help to transport them from the warehouses to our mission locations.

I pray you can make a gift of $10, $25, $50 or whatever you can afford. Remember, for every $1 you give, we can transport $20 worth of life-saving food!

Thank you in advance for your compassionate generosity!

For every DOLLAR you give, we can deliver TWENTY TIMES that amount in life-saving food!

Even the smallest gift makes an immediate difference. Thank you for your kind compassion!

News & Updates

South Sudan: Critical Food Aid for Women and Children

Today, thousands of displaced people seek refuge at the Don Bosco Gumbo Camp in Juba, South Sudan. For the past seven years, our Salesian missionaries who run the camp have been providing shelter, meals and other basic necessities for its residents, many of whom are women and children widowed and orphaned by the war.

Burundi: Feeding Hungry Students

Irakoze’s family is desperately poor. So much so, that he often wondered if his mother would be able to feed him that day. Many times, she couldn’t. It is the sad result of living in a country where more than 50 percent of the population is chronically food insecure, and where one in three people needs urgent humanitarian assistance.

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Millions of children are at risk of going to bed hungry tonight. Right now, your gift can make all the difference. Every $1 you give helps deliver $20 worth of food to thousands of children and families in desperate need. Help provide life-saving meals with your gift now!

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Turn $1 into $20 worth of life-saving meals for kids & families in need. By supporting our Annual Food Distribution Appeal, you help us deliver donated goods to our mission sites in impoverished communities around the world. 🌎

We hope and pray that you support our life-saving work. Your gifts will be used for this program and other similar Salesian programs around the globe that benefit poor and needy youth. Please join us to help make the world a better place.