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Help transform $1 into $20 of vital nourishment!

Around the world, millions of children and their families suffer from life-threatening food insecurity through no fault of their own.

And it’s only getting worse: especially among the growing list of countries where war, disaster and climate extremes have destroyed fields, crops, livestock and the ability for people to earn a living and purchase groceries.

This is why we are grateful for your support of our Annual Food Distribution Appeal. Each year at this time, compassionate friends like you help us sustain — and expand — critical nutrition programs at Salesian-run schools, feeding programs, refugee camps and other projects that serve some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Every day, thanks to your generosity, we feed thousands of hungry children and adults at least one meal each day. Often, it’s the only one they’ll eat! These meals help school children focus and learn, patients recover and thrive, and refugees maintain hope for a better future. Additionally, we provide immediate emergency relief to address the acute needs of those whose access to food has temporarily been cut off.

Can we count on your participation today? Every dollar makes a difference!

Thanks to our ongoing partnerships with international humanitarian aid organizations — and our established, trusted presence in more than 130 countries — we are ready and able to serve life-saving meals to those who need them most. The food is already packed and ready to go; we just need your help to transport it from the shipping docks to our program locations … and into the hands of starving people.

I pray you can make a gift of $10, $20, $25 or whatever you can spare. Remember, for every $1 you give, we can transport $20 worth of food! Imagine the life-saving impact you can make today!

Annual Food Distribution Appeal

For every DOLLAR you give, we can deliver TWENTY TIMES that amount in life-saving food!

Even the smallest gift makes an immediate difference. Thank you for your kind compassion!

News & Updates

Sierra Leone: Help for Hungry School Children

Until recently, 34-year-old Emma struggled to feed her five young children. As a single mother barely scraping by, she often couldn’t even provide breakfast before sending her older kids to school.

South Sudan: Nourishing the Victims of War and Despair

For the past five years, South Sudan has suffered a brutal civil war — one that has plunged the young country into a desperate crisis. An estimated seven million people — more than half the population — urgently need humanitarian assistance in some form. And food security…

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Salesian Missions' Food Distribution

Thanks to your generosity, we distribute food to those who need it most around the world! #WorldFoodDay #WFD2016

Posted by Find Your Mission / Salesian Missions on Sunday, October 16, 2016

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Hungry children and families need our help! Right now, an estimated 200 million children are at risk of dying from a severe food shortage. But thanks to our ongoing partnership with international food-relief organizations – and our established presence in more than 130 countries – we are ready and able to serve life-saving meals to those most in need. We just need your help in transporting it from shipping docks to our mission sites, and into the hands of starving people. For every $1 you give, we can transport $20 worth of food…

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Millions of #children suffer from severe #hunger. Our partnership w #food-relief organizations & our presence in over 130 countries can help end this crisis, but we need your help transporting donated #food. Turn $1 into $20 during our food appeal…

We hope and pray that you support our life-saving work. Your gifts will be used for this program and other similar Salesian programs around the globe that benefit poor and needy youth. Please join us to help make the world a better place.