Tell us why you support Salesian Missions:

The smile of an innocent child is God’s gift to us. No child should go to sleep hungry. Despite many obstacles in my life, God has been very good to me. I have always admired the work of the Salesians. If more people understood what exactly you do, I know they would contribute more. I love the news and photos. God bless you all!
-Theresa R.
I like to help people out. I have been blessed in my life: a good wife of 36 years, three beautiful children, two grandkids and a third on the way. It gives me a good feeling that the few dollars I give can help someone out to live a better life. It gives me a good feeling that Salesian Missions has good people to help those less fortunate. Thank you all.
-Joseph M.
I admire the dedication of the Priests and others who serve in the underdeveloped countries of the world in order to bring the news of Jesus and His Father to those who have never been exposed to these truths. I am pleased to give money to help in these causes and to aid in the fight against hunger and disease, especially to the children. An added plus is having Masses said for the many intentions I provide as well. Thank you for all you do!
-Patricia A.
There are many reasons I have deep respect and love your founder, St. John Bosco, and his belief in the goodness of children, when shown real love. The Salesians ethic of work and education for children and youth to help overcome poverty is a great blessing. We had an exchange student from Quito, Ecuador that had attended a Salesian school there, and knew that he had benefitted from it. In helping to sponsor seminarians, three of which are now...
-Marian S.
My grandmother, Loretta Cross, often struggled to make ends meet. Despite this, she could usually find some money to send to Salesian Missions. Her example of loving generosity inspired me to follow in her footsteps.
-Stephen C.
As the daughter of a career Foreign Service Officer, I was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and spent my early childhood in Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Guatemala. In my teens, I saw a devastated Europe after WWII. In the 50’s, it was the refugee camps for Palestinians in Jordan and the poverty in Morocco. My grandparents stressed the importance of education and did the best they could for my 2 sisters and me - even if it involved separations and...
-Deirdre D.
Reading your monthly bulletins through the years made me want to help these children from all over the world. I have become a monthly giver and that will be as long as I can. God bless you!
-Judy M.
In 1983, my first child was born. This is the same year I began giving to Salesian Missions. My child was blessed with all the abundance this great country affords many of us, but it made me focus on the fact that this is not true for children around the world. That’s why I give to Salesian Missions. By the way, my first child is now in medical school and plans to serve the needy when she graduates.
-Harold B.
Because of their accountability and the good work that they do around the world for the poorest of the poor, Salesian Missions is one of my favorite charities. I had always planned on leaving my IRA to family, but when I learned that I could take a part of it and make an outright gift to the Salesians, I decided that fulfilling my own legacy by making a gift to a favorite charity was just as important to me. I am really proud to be a charter...
-Joan A.