Everything fades away, but not our gratitude. We shall always pray that God will abundantly bless those who have been so good to us.
-St. John Bosco

Dear Friends,

Without the generosity of Don Bosco’s many benefactors—who recognized his transformative vision—our founding father never could have succeeded in fulfilling his life’s calling: to help marginalized youth in Turin, Italy learn to help themselves.

Today, more than a century after his death, our Salesian missionaries continue to steward the legacy he worked so hard to build. In more than 130 countries around the world, nearly 30,000 of these faithful men and women of Don Bosco are lighting the path toward much brighter futures for so many children and families—providing the education and training they need to forever break the chains of generational poverty.

We cannot succeed in this mission without the support and prayers of loyal partners like you. Together, we are bringing new hope and dignity to millions of people who need it most—in our schools, vocational training centers, and adult education centers; in our clinics, hospitals, and medical dispensaries; in our orphanages, homeless shelters, and refugee camps; through our feeding programs and Clean Water Initiative; and so much more.

As our needs grow—and they always do—I am confident that our work will grow with them. To each of you, for whom we owe a debt of gratitude, we hope to repay you through the beautiful smiles of the poor children and families whose lives you’ve helped improve. Please know that we are committed to investing your selfless donations wisely.

I join our dedicated missionaries around the world in adding our voices to Don Bosco’s to pray for God’s abundant blessings upon you and all our mission partners who are helping to make the world a better place.

With sincere gratitude,

Father Gus Baek, S.D.B.