In our quest to ensure that the wellbeing of the world’s poorest and neediest children is a top priority among global leaders, the Salesians are actively engaged at the United Nations. Our presence along with other humanitarian organizations influences policies and initiatives aimed at eliminating poverty and creating a society of equal opportunity.

A Voice For The Young

One of our main objectives at the United Nations is to provide a voice for the young – to guarantee that their needs and concerns are taken into consideration, particularly in deliberations that have a direct impact on their lives. Currently, our advocacy work focuses on the areas of poverty eradication, social development, migration, human trafficking, HIV/AIDS, human rights (especially those of children), climate change and indigenous populations.

A Necessary Collaboration

While some question the participation of faith-based and humanitarian organizations in UN activities, we firmly believe it is necessary for the advancement of human rights and the improvement in quality of life for all. As the entity established to involve political leaders in addressing critical issues of international importance, the United Nations offers a unique and powerful forum in which we can represent vulnerable populations who might otherwise be ignored.