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Better choices for vulnerable youth

El Salvador is experiencing an ongoing societal crisis. During the country’s civil war in the 1980s, thousands of internally displaced people flocked to the capital city of San Salvador—where their only option for housing was to build their own makeshift communities out of scrap cardboard, plastic and wood. The city has yet to truly recover from this influx it was ill-prepared to manage.

Children born into these desperate conditions face inevitable poverty and despair. As a result, violence and crime have spiraled to such an alarming degree that an estimated 60,000 youth throughout the country are now involved in gang activity.

But there is good news. Our spirited and dedicated missionaries like Father José María Moratalla Escuerdos (affectionately known as “Padre Pepe”) are making a meaningful difference for hundreds of at-risk youth.

 Will you give these vulnerable youth a chance for a better life?

 At the Don Bosco Technical Institute (Instituto Técnico Obrero Empresarial Don Bosco—ITOE), Padre Pepe empowers youth to resist the temptation of joining a gang. Instead of guns and bullets, he arms them with the knowledge and skills they need to find sustainable employment and become productive members of society.

Your gift today will help us further expand these crucial educational opportunities—both at ITOE, and around the world.

What’s happening in El Salvador is indicative of the issues that afflict so many places struggling with the legacy of war and the crippling poverty that follows. In more than 130 countries, our missionaries offer better choices, and new chances, for youth who otherwise would have neither.

They can do this because of the generosity of friends like you.

Thank you in advance for your kindness!

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Finding Harmony Away from the Streets

In the capital city of El Salvador, members of the Don Bosco Youth Symphony Orchestra and Chorus are battling the violence, crime and poverty of their communities with unusual weapons: violins, flutes and other instruments.

Dreams for the Future

Salesian Missions’ donors are transforming the lives of youth in El Salvador. And 18-year-old Cesar Adalberto Acosta Barrera is proof.

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A decade-long brutal civil war in El Salvador left the country in shambles, with the neediest people still suffering the most. Children born into poverty and despair are the most vulnerable—often offered empty promises of a better life from gang members. But thanks to our mission and compassionate friends like you, we are able to rescue at-risk youth, providing education and training to transform their lives.

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Vulnerable youth continue to suffer the effects of a brutal civil war from the 1980s in El Salvador. Thanks to the generosity of compassionate friends like you, our mission has helped transform the lives of vulnerable youth.

We hope and pray that you support our life-saving work. Your gifts will be used for this program and other similar Salesian programs around the globe that benefit poor and needy youth. Please join us to help make the world a better place.