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Stemming the tide of youth migration

According to official estimates, global youth migration is on the rise. And while it’s impossible to pinpoint exact numbers, one thing is certain—thousands of marginalized young people leave their countries in search of work and better opportunities abroad … every single day.

You may already have read about Seny, who endured a treacherous journey from Senegal to Italy—where he arrived with no contacts, no possessions, nowhere to live, and no way to communicate. Fortunately, he discovered much needed support at the Salesian Aidone House in Lampedusa. With that support, he was able to return home.

In a process known as “circular migration,” Seny partnered with Salesian missionaries to learn new skills that he brought back to his home country in Senegal. Today, he uses those skills to develop agricultural projects that provide sustainable job opportunities for youth who otherwise would be at risk of migration themselves.

This is exactly the kind of long-term, lasting intervention our missionaries strive to achieve.

While we may never fully prevent employment migration, we can certainly reduce it by addressing its root causes in locally relevant, sustainable ways. Your gift today means that we can expand these efforts around the world.

Thanks in advance for whatever you can give. Together, we can support youth right where they are—with education, training and workforce development programs that meet community needs and open new doors.

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Mexico: Serving the vulnerable at the border and beyond

Tijuana is a city that straddles the intersection of hope and despair … striving, against long odds, to bridge the gap between poverty and violence on one side, and the promise of better opportunities on the other.

Ghana: Cultivating hope in their own backyards

Combatting youth migration—and the poverty that drives it—is a key concern for Salesian missionaries serving in Ghana. Here, a budding agricultural project promises to cultivate a new generation of skilled farmers whose capabilities will command a decent salary, contribute to their country’s sustainable development, and inspire others to plant the seeds for their own bright futures.

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Young adults desperate to escape extreme poverty often venture on dangerous journeys and endure unimaginable hardships in search of better opportunities and brighter futures in foreign lands. In a process known as “circular migration,” our missionaries provide the training and support for these youth to gain valuable skills and education so they can return to their home countries and share their newly acquired knowledge.
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Young adults desperate to escape #poverty set out on dangerous journeys & endure unimaginable hardships seeking opportunities in foreign lands. “Circular #migration” helps our missionaries provide #training & support to youth so they can return home.

We hope and pray that you support our life-saving work. Your gifts will be used for this program and other similar Salesian programs around the globe that benefit poor and needy youth. Please join us to help make the world a better place.