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From one small gift, a miracle

When unforeseen events disrupt the patterns of daily life, those who are already marginalized suffer the most. The poor become poorer. The hungry get hungrier. More and more children and families plunge into despair.

That’s why your support of our annual Loaves & Fishes campaign is more important now than ever.

Even before COVID-19 struck, our world faced formidable natural and human-made disasters: devastating wildfires; escalating violence; ongoing drought and more. As a result, millions of people are unable to access the provisions they need to live dignified lives.

But you can deliver hope to those who are praying for a miracle!

Our trusted international partners have donated tons of life-changing necessities—nourishing food, healing medicine, warm clothing and other essential supplies—for our missionaries to distribute. We just need your help to transport them to our missions…and into the hands of those who need them most.

You have the power to work miracles for those in desperate need. All it takes is a simple click and a few dollars. Thank you for whatever you can give!

Every donation today, no matter the size, makes a remarkable difference. For every $1 you can give, we can deliver $14 worth of goods. $10 transforms into $140; $25 becomes $350; and $50 turns into $700!

Can we count on your support today?

News & Updates

Nourishing Their Bodies, and Minds, in Namibia

In the drought-ridden African country of Namibia, hunger has joined the ranks as an official national disaster. With a poverty rate of 26.9 percent, an unemployment rate of 29.6 percent, and little opportunity to cultivate and harvest crops, thousands of families and children struggle…

Delivering Crucial Supplies for Those in Desperate Need

Around the world, Salesian missionaries have mobilized within their local communities to halt the spread of COVID-19 among the vulnerable populations they serve.

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You can perform a modern-day miracle just as Jesus did when he fed thousands with a few loaves and two fish. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a significant difference because it gets multiplied 14x! So, for every $1 you donate, we can ship $14 in life-saving supplies to those who depend on our help the most. Our partner organizations have donated the goods to us and we just need your help to deliver these critical supplies to vulnerable children and families.

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You can perform a miracle similar to when Jesus transformed 5 loaves & 2 fish into a bountiful meal for thousands. Every gift multiplies 14x, so $1 turns into $14 worth of life-saving supplies for impoverished children and families! 

We hope and pray that you support our life-saving work. Your gifts will be used for this program and other similar Salesian programs around the globe that benefit poor and needy youth. Please join us to help make the world a better place.