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Hungry children and families need you!

Around the world right now, as many as 783 million people don’t have enough to eat.

And the hunger they feel—every single day—points to a society that can’t adequately address their basic needs. Inequality and exclusion create an economic chasm that’s challenging for impoverished families to bridge. Many who struggle to survive on just a few dollars a day aren’t able to afford today’s skyrocketing food prices.

So they go without.

And when they don’t eat, they’re more likely to get sick. When they get sick, they can’t go to work or school. And when they can’t earn money or further their education, that chasm grows even wider … and the heartbreaking cycle of generational poverty continues.

Happily, there are concrete, effective ways to address this problem. And we can do it, together!

Once again, we have partnered with leading food-relief organizations who generously donate tons of food for desperately hungry children and families. We just need your help to get this food from the shipping docks and into the hands of these hungry people.

Even a modest gift can do so much. Due to economies of scale, every $1 you donate can ship and deliver $20 worth of food!

As you begin planning your Thanksgiving celebration this year, please join us in remembering those who have nothing to eat. Your generosity today embodies the miracle Nehemiah describes: “You gave them food from heaven for their hunger.”