Population:113.4 millionLiteracy Rate:93%Religion: Roman Catholic (82.7%)

The Salesians in Mexico are directing their efforts toward the country's at-risk population, including girls and young mothers who face severe dangers on the streets. Innovative programs are preventing poor children from dropping out of school and are providing important opportunities to keep their lives on the right track.

Featured Mission

Empower girls through education

In Mexico City, girls and mothers face severe dangers living on the streets.  Through the “Yolia” program, girls and women become regulars at the day center.  There, they have meals, receive tutoring, obtain therapy, and learn job skills such as jewelry making and hair styling.  Some girls may also choose to live in the residential area, where they receive additional education and services, while building a sense of dignity and self worth.

More Missions in Mexico

Build Youth Centers

In Saltillo, the Salesian Youth Center develops programs to prevent youth from dropping out of school.  At-risk children take part in programs that integrate education, social activities and technical education.  The goal is to guide youth back into mainstream education so that they can reach their full potential.

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