Author: Salesian Missions

Publication Date: July 11, 2012

Book Donation Opens the World to Ugandan Children

Uganda is recovering from decades of civil war and is struggling to overcome major challenges as rebel uprisings continue to threaten the stability of the country and the safety of its children and families. To make matters worse, HIV/AIDS is further breaking down the fabric of society and leaving millions of Ugandan children as orphans.

The Salesians have been working painstakingly in Uganda to educate children who have been victimized by the war, or who live on the streets without parents. Thousands of the country’s poorest children are educated in Salesian schools, from primary education through vocational training.

A recent donation of books — made possible by a Salesian partnership with World Vision — is widening horizons for students in four of the schools. They cover a variety of educational topics including geography, music and science.

“I read one book. The topic was about the systems in the human body. I read about building strong bones in the body,” wrote one grateful student in a thank-you letter decorated along the edges with flowers.

The new books will expose Ugandan children to a vast world of opportunities, and instill hope that better lives and futures are possible. It’s a much needed morale boost for a young generation that has been forced to endure great pains.

A little amount goes such a long way — as you can see by the power of a single book in the hands of a child trapped by poverty and despair. Caring friends like you open new doors that enable young people to overcome incredible obstacles. Any small amount you can give today will make a big difference.

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