Education Lights the Way Forward

For nearly three decades, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has struggled with the prolonged and punishing legacies of war including hunger, disease, displacement and more. Knowing that education is key to permanently breaking this cycle, our Salesian missionaries in Bukavu are committed...

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Higher Goals at Don Bosco Farm

“When I was little,” says 17-year-old Henri, “I wanted to be a goalkeeper.” Not an unusual fantasy for a young boy raised under the shadow of Ecuador’s Estadio Bellavista, home to three top-tier professional soccer teams. Yet it was never a given that Henri could have dreamed of playing...

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Workforce Training + Job Opportunities = A Brighter Future

Every day, impoverished young people in Papua New Guinea yearn for a better way of life—but the road to get there is challenging to navigate. Salesian missionaries at the Don Bosco Technical School Gabutu, located in Port Moresby, are working to provide the education and marketable skills that...

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Aug 2023 enews - India - Easing the Stigma of Mental Illness
Easing the Stigma of Mental Illness

Despite rising global awareness around the many issues impacting mental health, equitable access to effective care remains elusive—especially in marginalized communities where social stigma, poor educational opportunities, and inadequate funding stand in the way. The Don Bosco Prafulta Center for...

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August 2023 enews - Malawi and Mozambique - Empowering Youth for the Future
Empowering Youth for the Future

In Malawi and Mozambique, Salesian missionaries have partnered with a leading global energy corporation to teach underprivileged youth relevant and in-demand skills to lead the way forward. Since 2009, the Salesians have collaborated with Schneider Electric Corporation to provide hands-on,...

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August 2023 enews - Philippines - Practical Education, Deeply Rooted
Practical Education, Deeply Rooted

Hunger is a big problem in the Philippines. So big, in fact, that more people living there are food insecure than anywhere else in Southeast Asia. At the Don Bosco Technical Vocational Education and Training Center in Cebu, disadvantaged students are learning sustainable farming skills in the...

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July 2023 enews story 1- Ghana - Quenching the Pain of Poverty
Quenching the Pain of Poverty

“We have come a long way. Our daily headache of searching for water has come to an end,” reports one of our Salesian missionaries serving in rural Ghana, where supporters of our Clean Water Initiative have funded the construction of critical infrastructure in two separate communities. Both...

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July 2023 - enews story 2 - Ukraine - Keeping the Faith in Ukraine
Keeping the Faith in Ukraine

Novohryhorivka remains in the danger zone amid the relentless war in Ukraine that has already plunged nearly 18 million people throughout the country into desperate need for humanitarian aid. As always, our dedicated Salesian missionaries refuse to abandon those in need—despite persistent danger...

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