Bringing a Vital Resource to Rural Mongolia

Tsegemed lives and raises her young family in rural Shuvuu, Mongolia—her traditional ger, or one-room tent, is set against the stunning backdrop of the country’s majestic landscape. Yet everyday life is far from idyllic. With no running water at home, and just a single community bathroom shared...

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Mumbai Youth Become Public Health Ambassadors

From Mumbai’s impoverished and overcrowded communities, children and teens have emerged as unlikely pandemic heroes. They are using their newfound understanding of disease prevention and health promotion to educate their families and neighbors about the importance of hygiene, and more, amid the...

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A Missionary’s Dream Paves the Way for Nairobi’s Youth

When Father Sean McFarran founded Don Bosco Boys Town in Nairobi, he hoped to inspire marginalized youth in Kenya to look beyond their circumstances; maybe even to encourage a few to seek secondary education. He likely never imagined that he would create a lasting legacy comprising over 6,000...

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Groups of kids from Solomon Islands posing happy
Bringing the Joy of Learning to Impoverished Children

In the poverty-stricken community of Ranadi, a suburb of Honiara in the Solomon Islands, overcoming economic adversity is an uphill battle for families—one often fought, and lost, in the trash heaps of the local landfills. For survival, destitute parents are often forced to make harrowing...

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Group of people cooking in India
Breaking the Poverty Cycle for “Nowhere People”

If you ever wander the streets of India’s biggest cities, you’ll see them. They are the hard-working men, women and children who’ve built the luxury high-rise apartments, glitzy shopping malls, modern office complexes, and related infrastructure that have placed New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata,...

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Indigenous houses by the river in Guatemala
New Hope for Indigenous Families in Guatemala

Whenever disaster strikes, those who are already poor suffer the most heartbreaking effects. After Hurricanes Eta and Iota devastated the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of indigenous families in rural Guatemala last November, our compassionate donors together with Salesian missionaries on the...

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A group of boys standing together outside of a business
Building New Hope for Homeless Youth

Today in Zambia, over one million girls and boys are living a life they did not choose: a life on the streets, where they struggle alone and try to survive. Many come from abusive or broken homes. Others have been orphaned. Soon, a new shelter run by Salesian missionaries in Makululu will offer new...

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Two beekeepers working together
Pollinating a Healthier Future

More than 160 years ago, Saint John Bosco recognized an opportunity: to teach unemployed youth in Turin, Italy, the skills they needed to lead productive, dignified lives. Drawing upon this heritage—and leveraging the Salesians’ vast collective experience in matching existing needs to...

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