Author: Salesian Missions

Publication Date: May 31, 2024

New Community, New Opportunities

Nearly every day, parents seeking better futures for their families arrive in India’s Central Maharashtra region—a place flourishing with job opportunities and economic promise. Except … their children often struggle to acclimate and thrive. A new Salesian-led project for migrant youth addresses this issue first-hand.

“The transient nature of migrant life creates very real barriers for children, whose needs often take a backseat to their parents’ goals of finding work,” says Father Michael Conway, director of Salesian Missions. “Their education and sense of belonging especially suffer, because constantly being on the move means constantly changing schools. And constantly changing schools makes it hard to progress in the classroom, make lasting friendships, and plant the kinds of roots that sprout long-term stability.”

As Fr. Mike explains, “the very cycle of generational poverty that parents aspire to break continues to spin out of control. Without education, their children have few opportunities for long-term, sustainable employment.”

That’s why Salesian missionaries at Bosco Vikas Gramin Kendra offer targeted academic and social support for hundreds of migrant children and their families—a project made possible in part by kind friends like you.

This initiative appeals to youth by initially enticing them through a variety of sports and recreational activities. In six project hamlets, missionaries then introduced participants to math and language classes, with 193 children signing up to attend. At the end of each month, students take tests to measure their progress, and the results indicate what additional support they might need to achieve their educational goals.

This project also provides weekly meals for youth; health education and screenings; and informational sessions for parents on available assistance programs, including financial aid and nutritional support. To date, more than 2,300 people have attended.

“We’re happy to fund such a worthwhile project focused on education, health care, improved living conditions, nutritious food, and inclusivity,” Fr. Mike said. “Thanks to our generous donors, we’re meeting the needs of migrant youth and providing hope for brighter futures.”

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