Author: Salesian Missions

Publication Date: May 06, 2024

Your Kindness, Multiplied

Now that Spring is in full bloom, it’s time for our annual Loaves and Fishes campaign—a critical appeal that provides food, clothing, medicine and other essential supplies to thousands of children and families around the world. For every $1 you can give, we are able to provide $14 worth of life-changing necessities.

“I can’t emphasize enough the significant impact this campaign has on our programs,” says Father Michael Conway, director of Salesian Missions. “Thanks to the long-term partnerships we’ve built with other humanitarian organizations who donate supplies, we can deliver these essential goods directly into the hands of people who need them most.”

These ongoing partnerships are vital to Salesian-run initiatives like City of Hope in Zambia, which was established to meet the needs of youth and their families living in extreme poverty in and around Lusaka. The vast majority of children who participate in City of Hope programs have been abused, abandoned or trafficked. Many of them had previously lived alone on the streets with no protection or support.

Today, more than 800 students ages 9-17 attend City of Hope’s Open Community School, which serves youth suffering from malnutrition, a lack of education, and family deprivation. Additionally, an on-site shelter houses dozens of exploited and vulnerable girls ages 7-22 who were referred to City of Hope by social welfare organizations. Residents stay at the shelter while attending school and work to either reunite with their families or establish a solid foundation to live independently.

Missionaries at City of Hope operate their programs on a shoestring budget. That’s why they’re so grateful for the in-kind donations made possible by our Loaves and Fishes campaign. Most recently, this included a precious commodity—soap—provided by Eco-Soap Bank; and age-appropriate classroom furniture offered through IRN (The Reuse Network).

Eco-Soap Bank is a nonprofit organization working to save, sanitize and supply recycled soap while providing hygiene education to the developing world. The Reuse Network matches surplus items, including furniture, with organizations and people who need them. Salesian Missions covered the cost of shipping the soap and furniture to Zambia in containers already loaded with other items destined for the same port.

Both the soap and the furniture support students’ dignity and success in and out of the classroom.

“The soap and furniture have been very useful, and the quality of donations is excellent,” reports Sister Mary John, who leads City of Hope. “Hygiene will always be a priority, and the furniture helps us further enhance our learning environment used by staff and students. The children are so pleased and excited to use the new furniture … and it makes them feel very special. We would like to express our sincerest gratitude for the donations.”

Imagine what else might be possible if everyone reading this article could donate just a few dollars!

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