Author: Salesian Missions

Publication Date: December 09, 2013

Central African Republic: Please Help

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On Thursday, December 5, anti-government forces in the Central African Republic launched a brutal series of oppositional attacks in Bangui.  In the days since, counter-attacks, mob violence and banditry have left hundreds of innocent men, women and children dead—many by unimaginable means. Thousands more have fled for their lives. Two Salesian Centers in the capital are sheltering more than 20,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs), but the situation is dire.

With the country’s basic infrastructure in ruins, Salesians are scrambling to provide adequate food, clean water and medical supplies. A number of people are seriously injured, yet lack of fuel has delayed international health care teams from coming to their aid. Sadly, some have died.

Amid these dangerous and heartbreaking circumstances, Salesians are committed to the tasks at hand.

“The Salesians are well. They are calm and try in every way to comfort and support all who have fled here to this refuge,” reports Fr. Josep Maria Sabe, S.D.B. of the Vice-Province of Equatorial Tropical Africa. “Thank God nothing happened to them and they are safe for now. But there is just the few of us . . . to protect the people who came here fleeing in terror.”

A recent International Red Cross (IRC) food delivery has provided some relief, but the day-to-day situation remains precarious. And, as the instability and violence wear on, Salesians expect a greater influx of desperate, frightened people requiring immediate aid.

We urgently need your help today! With resources thin and access scarce, we must rely on the generosity of our caring friends to provide the funds that are crucial to the survival of so many families and children.

Please consider a donation to the African Crisis Emergency Fund now. All contributions to this special fund will be used to purchase food, clean water, and medical supplies for innocent people who are in serious danger. Click on the red button below and select "African Crisis Emergency Fund" from the dropdown menu.

In this life-threatening situation, the kindness of our friends means the victims of this brutal violence will receive direct, life-saving aid. Please help us ease their turmoil by donating what you can today.

Help now with a gift