Author: Salesian Missions

Publication Date: January 11, 2012

Haiti Update: Progress, Hope & Need

Two years since a catastrophic earthquake decimated Haiti, the rebuilding process is one of amazing determination, outstanding progress and great hope. We are deeply grateful for the kind and generous support that so many of our caring friends have demonstrated.

We are proud to share the accomplishments so far, including:

  • Temporary classrooms were provided soon after the earthquake, allowing children to return to school and have some sense of normalcy. Permanent classrooms continue to be built. The Salesians are fully committed to rebuilding their educational infrastructure.
  • "Le Petites Ecoles du Pere Bohnen" – the Little Schools of Father Bohnen – are back in operation and last year provided more than 21,000 children with nutritious meals and a valuable education.
  • A Salesian partnership with local doctors and nurses ensured that victims of a Cholera outbreak were identified and received proper treatment. In addition, our widespread education program promoted healthy living habits that prevented the disease from spreading.
  • The Timkatec 2 School was expanded with a new wing added. It boasted a record 71 graduates, with an enrollment that has grown from 430 students before the earthquake to more than 600 this year.
  • The Salesians also opened the Timkatec 3 Girls School to provide an education for 186 day students and overnight shelter for 40 children.
  • St. Paul Chapel in Port-au-Prince was resurrected thanks to the thoughtfulness and generosity of Blessed Sacrament Church in Pennsylvania. Upon learning that their church would be closed due to consolidation, the Blessed Sacrament parishioners packed and shipped all the church furnishings to the Salesian chapel in Haiti.
  •  Impressed by Salesian accomplishments, the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund partnered with the Salesians to provide vocational training in construction trades and marketable skills to 420 men and women. The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund has also pledged up to $225,000 for the purchase of heavy machinery, tools and equipment. This will enable vocational students at the Salesiens National School of Arts and Trades to have sustainable self-employment and help rebuild their country and their lives.
  • The Salesians completed construction of a warehouse that meets new safety requirements and building standards, and served as a model for other construction in Haiti. The warehouse provides important infrastructure allowing for the safe and efficient distribution of food and supplies.

While much progress has been made, life in Haiti is far from normal. Your help is still needed to serve the children and families who continue facing hardships and misery. Please make a donation that will give hope to thousands who are still suffering. Be sure to select "Haiti Recovery Fund".