Author: Salesian Missions

Publication Date: January 18, 2013

In Chile: Mother and Children Rescued from Despair

Rose Queipul was at rock bottom when she was found by Salesian outreach staff in Santiago, Chile. The 40-year-old woman was living in an abandoned car and her battered body showed years of neglect, poverty, abuse and homelessness.

What’s worse, she had two children by her side.

Fortunately, her life – and the wellbeing of her family – were about to take a dramatic turn for the better.

The first step was temporary housing that the Salesians provided for Rose and her two children. At last, they were safe and secure in a real home, that gave them the strength and determination to persevere.

The children were beneficiaries of programs offered by the Don Bosco Foundation in Chile, which helps families recover from traumatic situations by providing counseling, regular meals, housing and the chance to attend school.

It was clear from the start that Rose and her children were going to take full advantage of the opportunities given to them. She enrolled in Salesian-sponsored training courses in cooking and culinary arts and was motivated by their new lease on life. The struggling family was determined to succeed.

Equipped with new skills and confidence, Rose was able to find a permanent home and get a loan to purchase an oven. Today, she runs her own food service and has achieved financial stability for herself and two children.

Rose and her children are eternally grateful to the Salesians for rescuing them from poverty, misery and despair – and quite possibly saving their lives. In addition to gaining her own independence, Rose is now in a position to help others who are struggling. She is quick to offer space in her home to others who are experiencing difficulty.

The Queipul family is a wonderful example of the miracles made possible by the generosity of caring friends like you who support our work.

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