Author: Salesian Missions

Publication Date: January 18, 2013

In South Sudan: Giving Hope to the Afflicted!

They have been cast away by their extended families and communities and are forced to live in isolation. But a weekly shipment of food and other necessities brings smiles to the ‘Lepers of Laicok’ (as they refer to themselves).

While Hansen’s Disease (the correct medical term for leprosy) has long been eradicated in most of the world, it’s still taking a toll in remote places where impoverished families are fighting the devastating effects of the disease. One such place is a colony located in Laicok (pronounced lie choke), 10 miles from Tonj, South Sudan.

Every Friday, a truck filled with donated goods from the World Food Program and other generous benefactors leaves the Salesian center in Tonj and makes the trek to Laicok. While it’s a relatively short distance, the two places seem worlds apart.

The colony consists of four housing blocks. Within each one, multiple families are crammed into single-room living quarters. Despite these dismal conditions, however, the resilient people of Laicok are remarkably positive and grateful for what little they have.

Children of the afflicted gather under a tree for school classes in order to receive an education, provided by the Salesians. And when the weekly truck arrives, everyone emerges from their rooms with much joy and love on their faces. It’s almost possible to overlook the disfigured appearances and missing fingers and toes on the suffering mothers and fathers.

These weekly deliveries are just one way the Salesians are making sure these families are not forgotten. We are also raising money to help improve the living quarters and exploring other ways we can give them the support they need to lead happy, fulfilling lives.

Your support of Salesian Missions enables us to deliver food and other necessities to suffering people around the globe who would otherwise be forgotten. Thank you for any amount you can give today – your generosity and kindness will help save a life.

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