Author: Salesian Missions

Publication Date: November 01, 2012

Thanksgiving Meals Ready for Delivery … with Your Help

Thanksgiving Day is about to be lifechanging for thousands of starving children… if we can count on you. Tons of donated food by partnering humanitarian organizations is ready for shipment. We just need help to cover the transportation expenses so our Salesian Missionaries can get nutritious meals into the hands – and mouths – of those who desperately need it the most. Every $1 you give can transport $20 worth of food!

To give you an idea of what your kindness and generosity will mean, just consider the 1,000 children at the Kasisi orphanage in Zambia who recently received a shipment of fortified rice.

With sticky faces, hands and full mouths, these hungry children expressed a heartfelt “zikomo!” (thank you!) to each volunteer scooping plates of a new delicacy. The meals were a big improvement over their usual bland cornmeal. And that’s not all.

In addition to tasting much better, the fortified rice meals featured soy protein, feeze-dried beans and 21 vitamins and minerals proven to help the immune systems of malnourished children.

The meals were made possible thanks to a collaboration between Cross International (which donated the rice), Numana (a nonprofit organization that produces the meals); and Salesian Missions (which funded the transportation of two 40-foot containers and coordinated the delivery of the food to Zambia).

In total, Salesian Missions helped distribute 551,232 life-sustaining meals to those who needed them most—including all seven Salesian sites in Zambia that serve disadvantaged children.

To the boys and girls eagerly standing in line at the Kasisi orphanage, the food was a welcomed treat. But for the Salesian missionaries who care for them, it meant that their precious children have a much better chance of survival.

You have the opportunity to ensure that even more starving children receive life-saving meals. Remember, for every $1 you can give, we can transport $20 worth of food! Your kindness and generosity today will make Thanksgiving an extra-special day.

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