Population:2.76 millionLiteracy Rate:97%Religion: Roman Catholic (2%)

Salesian Missions is providing opportunities for children and families struggling to improve their lives in Mongolia. Specific focus is on students who are having difficulty coping in a traditional high school setting, and on families that are arriving in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar in desperate search of employment.

Featured Mission

Teach Job Skills to Youth

Since 2001, youth who have not been able to obtain a traditional high school diploma have had an option at the Salesian Missions professional school. Nearly 90% of the students can be defined as “school dropouts” and come from very poor families. At the school, they achieve job skills in mechanics, carpentry, car mechanics, computer sciences and electrical engineering.  To guarantee the best opportunities after training, courses are structured in collaboration with local industries. 

More Missions in Mongolia

Build Youth Centers

In Mongolia, more people are moving to the capital of Ulaanbaatar for increased opportunities. Unfortunately, there has also been an increase in unemployment and street children.

Salesian Missions programs help the Mongolian people face these challenges by:

  • Teaching job skills at the Don Bosco Skills Training Center
  • Providing shelter for street children at the Boys Town
  • Building full-time youth centers

Give Hope to Street Children

At the Savio Children’s Home in Amgalang, Mongolia, children build a better life for themselves and for future generations. Forty-five children live at the home and receive practical education and training. In addition, they grow up in a caring and supporting family environment.

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