A Fateful Discovery Saves Four Young Siblings

The sight of a lone young boy working in the fields alongside a rundown shack caught the attention of some travelers passing through the remote Rwandan countryside. Why wasn't he in school? Where were his parents? The travelers sensed something wasn't right and decided to investigate...

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HAITI: One month after the devastation in Haiti, Salesian Missions is still providing relief and saving lives

Salesian Missions director provides first-hand account of relief work and plans to rebuildPort-au-Prince, Haiti – Just over one month ago, a magnitude 7 earthquake jolted Haiti, killing more than 200,000 people and leaving almost one million homeless. Humanitarian organizations such as Salesian...

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Salesian Missions Lay Missioners Have Provided More Than 400 Years of Combined Service to the World’s Poorest Children

National Volunteer Week sheds light on the art and the act of volunteering – but a unique breed of volunteers goes above and beyond the call of duty

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Six Months After the Earthquake, Salesian Missions Has Worked Miracles, But Progress is Slow Click here for an interactive Google map of Salesian Missions sites in Haiti, and full descriptions of those sitesNote: Photos available upon request. HAITI UPDATES:

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HAITI: Hurrricane Tomás, more suffering

(Puerto Príncipe, Haiti) During last weekend Haiti was hit by Hurricane Tomás which caused the death of at least 20 people and flooding which threaten the crops and caused the loss  of animals and homes.The authorities also clarified that  there were also seven people missing and 36 injured,...

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HAITI: On alert for the epidemic

Port-au-Prince, Haiti -- According to the latest official information the cholera epidemic which broke out on 20 October has so far caused over 900 deaths with  10,000 cases of infection.The Salesians are working all out, especially for those most in need in the poorer districts, to combat the...

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What damage was sustained by Salesian Missions in the wake devastating earthquake in Haiti?

Before the earthquake, Salesian Missions was working to help care for 25,000 children in Cité Soleil, the poorest slum in the heart of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.On Jan. 12, 2010, Salesian Missions lost 85 percent of its schools and buildings in Port-au-Prince when the earthquake struck, killing...

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Salesian Missions Releases Progress Report on Haiti One Year After Earthquake

(MissionNewswire) A year after the earthquake in Haiti destroyed 85 percent of its schools and buildings in the Port-au-Prince area—killing hundreds of students—Salesian Missions has released a report on progress in Haiti to date.

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