A special message to our extended family…

On May 25th, another senseless killing has left our nation—and indeed, the world—in overwhelming pain. The racial inequalities laid bare, once again, by George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis leave us wondering how the system continues to fail our fellow human beings—is allowed to fail our fellow human beings—in such an atrocious way. And it reminds us that the fight to eradicate injustice is far from won.

And fight, we must. Not with hate, violence and anger, but with love and respect—just as Jesus would do. To borrow a phrase from Pope Francis, we must be ever vigilant against the threat of selfish indifference, and instead fully commit ourselves to promoting a society that serves every single person, regardless of their skin color. This is our call and our duty as Christians. Together, we must condemn the personal and institutional racism and hate that has so often led to devastating losses around our country, and robbed countless families of their loved ones.

For the past 161 years, our Salesian family has worked around the world to achieve social justice and ensure the dignity of all human beings. Today, I invite you to join us, in faith and hope, and in our own communities and backyards. Pray for love, peace and understanding.

As Psalm 9:9 says, may “the Lord be a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.

In solidarity,

Father Gus Baek, S.D.B.