Process commences: 4-12-1982
Declared Venerable: 12-17-1996
Beatified on April 25, 2004

A little girl in Salamanca

Eusebia Palomino Yenes was born in Cantalpino in the province of Salamanca, in the west of Spain, December 15, 1899. Augustine Palomino’s family was very poor. He was a man of faith. At certain times of the year, Eusebia and her father had to go begging in nearby villages, but they did so with joy and singular faith.

Learning from her father

On those long journeys, Augustine taught his daughter her faith, and she was keen to learn the mysteries of Our Lord. Eusebia worked, prayed and was loved in her family. The day of her first communion was one that Eusebia experienced intently. Soon after, she was employed to help a well-to-do family. She did not stop giving attention to her growth as an adolescent, putting her friendship with Jesus in first place.

As a kitchen hand with the Sisters

She was sent to Salamanca, first to look after the children, then as an assistant in a hostel. She really wanted to become a Sister. One day, while hoeing, she found a medal of Mary Help of Christians. Soon afterwards, a mysterious friend led her to the Sisters’ Oratory. They invited her to stay with them as a helper. Oddly enough, the kitchen became her place for educating, and they would often trot along to the kitchen to get a kind word from this ignorant, young kitchen lass.

Finally, a Salesian Sister

The Mother Vicar came to Salamanca and accepted her as a postulant. Eusebia made her novitiate at Barcelona, edifying her companions by her humility and with her smile. She became a Daughter of Mary Help of Christians in 1924, and was sent to Valverde del Camino in the role of cook and domestic help. She began to carry out her ordinary service extraordinarily like Don Bosco had wanted, so much so that the Lord filled her with his gifts.

Girls attracted by her spirituality

The girls always wanted to be near her, attracted by her spirituality. She began to work in the Oratory. Seminarians, adults and priests asked her advice, encouraged by her spirit of prayer and convinced and convincing faith. She spread devotion to the Lord’s Holy Wounds and the so-called “Marian servitude” of Saint Louis M. Grignion de Montfort. There is talk of many wonderful things that happened during her life.

A prophet

Like Don Bosco, she had received the gift of prophecy from the Lord. She predicted the Spanish civil war and offered herself as a victim for Spain. Then she began to feel unwell. Her Director, Sr. Carmen Moreno, who became a Martyr and Blessed, looked after her, while she gave some thought to her situation. Sr. Eusebia prophesied her martyrdom.

Visions and death

Before she herself died, she had visions and ecstasies. She went to the Lord on February 10, 1933. John Paul II declared her Blessed on April 25, 2004. Her body is laid to rest at Valverde.

Declared Venerable December 17, 1996; beatified April 25, 2004 by John Paul II.