Cause established by the Congregation (of Saints) November 29, 2002. Vice postulator: Fr. Jiri Sedlacek. Proposer: Fr Fokcinski Hieronim, S.I.

Beginning of diocesan process: 3-5-1993; Conclusion: 1-20-2001

Decides on impulse for the Salesians

On completing his Higher Secondary studies in Austrian Slesia, Stuchly was on his way to Velehrad in Moravia to join the Society of Jesus. But on the train, he met a priest who was well known and he spoke to him about Don Bosco and the Salesians.

“Your mission is in the North!”

Ignatius decided to go to Turin: at Valsalice, he was accepted as a son of Mary. After his novitiate, he did his philosophical studies at Ivrea. He also studied the science of agriculture and took a diploma in it. Then he made a request to be sent to the missions, but Fr. Rua told him, “Your mission is in the North!” In 1921, Fr. Stuchly was sent to Ljublijana (Yugoslavia) to look after the construction of the shine of Mary Help of Christians. It was completed and blessed in 1924.

Sent to open first House in Czechoslovakia – at Frystak

Then the superiors destined him for the house of Perosa Argentina (Italy), where for a few years, the Slovachian boys had been preparing themselves to establish the Salesian work in their own country. In 1927, he was sent to Czechoslovakia to open the first house, at Frystak and was its Rector from 1928 to 1934. From there, he went as the Rector of the new house of Moravska Ostrava (1934-35).

Provincial of Czechoslovakia

In the meantime, he was appointed Provincial of Czechoslovakia (1935-48). During his time in office, 12 Salesian houses were established with 270 religious, all Bohemians or Moravians, besides some 20 others who were working in the missions. This extraordinary development of Salesian work amply proved his spirit of hard work, simple piety and goodness to all.

Final years at Frystak

In 1948, he returned to the house of Frystak as confessor. A disastrous persecution started in Czecholovakia and Fr. Stuchly had to witness the destruction of the Salesian work he had built up.