Reading of the Decreto super virtutibus on December 20, 2004.
Opening process: 5-4-63
Declared Venerable: 12-20-2004

Ordained priest for Milan Archdiocese

Aloysius was born in Corbetta (Milan) on October 18, 1873, as the fourth of fifteen children. One of his brothers became a missionary and a sister, a Canossian nun. After his studies, he was ordained a priest at Milan. He would have liked to join the Salesians immediately, but his bishop, Card. Ferrari, sent him, a young priest of 22, as the vice-Rector of the Archdiocesan school in Saronno.

After 8 years, permission to join Salesians

After eight years, he got permission to join the Salesians. A doctor in theology, he taught moral Theology and Sociology in the formation community of Foglizzo (1906-1910). Then he was sent as Pastor of the incipient parish of Mary Liberatrice at Testaccio, Rome. The notorious area was totally transformed, thanks to the goodness of the new pastor. Once a ruffian on the road slapped him, but Fr. Aloysius said to him, “thank you,” and showed his other cheek. “His confessional,” said a witness, “was frequented from morning until evening. On feast days, confession seemed to be the main work of the day and to it was referred his celebration of the Holy Eucharist and preaching which he did six or seven times a day. In 1916, he was appointed Bishop of Sutri and Nepi by Pope Benedict XV. As bishop, he adopted a rule of life for himself in five points.

Salesian Bishop of Sutri and Nepi

“I will love my diocese as my own spouse. During my prayer, I shall entrust my work for souls to Jesus and I shall not take any important decision before consulting with him. I shall avoid all luxuries and superfluities; I shall draw up a time-table and be faithful to it. The central point of my episcopate shall be charity which is ready for any sacrifice.” This he lived for 26 years, as a good Salesian. Bishop Aloysius said, “I am by God’s grace, a Christian, priest, Salesian and bishop; I must make myself a saint!”

He died outside his diocese on May 19, 1943, while giving a course of retreat to the students of the Lyuceum at Pordenone. He was 70 years old. His mortal remains rest in the Cathedral of Nepi.

Beginning of the Process: 5-24-1963; Declared Venerable: 12-4-2004.