2022 Advent Devotionals – Sign Up Today!

Advent is a time for mindfulness and for making room in our hearts for Jesus as we prepare for the miracle of His birth. Beginning on Sunday, November 27th, you will receive four weekly emails with daily passages and inspirational messages to guide your personal meditations and prayers.

Bring good tidings of great joy

Christmas is about the birth of a child—the Christ child—who Himself loves all the little ones, especially the girls and boys born on society’s margins, just as Jesus was.

These children don’t always understand how much they’re loved, though. The daily heartbreaks of poverty, hunger, abandonment and despair simply consume their lives.

Will you help us remind them?

Like the angel Gabriel, you can be a messenger of great joy this Christmas season by making a special online Advent gift between now and December 24th.

When you do, we will be delighted to send you a copy of our 2022 Christmas Book, “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!” as well as our 2023 Angel Datebook. These books are our gift to you, for showing so many children around the world that they, too, deserve to experience the joy of Christmas.

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