Rebuild Communities Ravaged by Tropical Storms

Rebuild Communities Ravaged by Tropical Storms

Construction & Repairs

Added: March 24, 2022

Country: Guatemala

Project Cost: $328,746.00

Project Progress:

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Entire villages were destroyed by tropical storms during the 2020 hurricane season. Our Salesian missionaries are working with a local foundation to help rural communities facing devastating loss on top of the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Funding is needed to relocate families to safer locations; build them new, modest houses to replace those that were damaged or destroyed; and develop agricultural training programs so they can grow food to feed themselves and become self-sustainable.

This funding is mainly for the construction of over 100 houses. If only 65 generous friends are able to send $5,000.00 each, dozens of families and children can have decent housing once again. (The cost to build 1 house = $3,223.00)


This project is located at the Foundation for the Development & Education of Indigenous Women in San Pedro Carchà, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.

The total cost of this project is $328,746.00 but each house costs just $3,223.00

Funding still needed: $260,589.19


Partial funding received – thank you!
$10,000.00 on December 29, 2023
$6,446.00 on January 4, 2023
$2,600.00 on December 27, 2022
$10,000.00 on December 25, 2022
$16,115.00 on December 22, 2022
$1,000.00 on September 21, 2022
$3,223.00 on September 14, 2022
$1,049.81 on August 11, 2022
$1,000.00 on July 6, 2022
$3,223.00 on June 27, 2022
$3,500.00 on June 24, 2022
$10,000.00 on May 11, 2022

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