Instruments of Hope

A house without music is like a body without a soul. And so, in the tradition of Saint John “Don” Bosco -- who first observed this truth more than a century ago -- students at La Cisterna (“The Cistern”) Youth House in Santiago, Chile have breathed new life into this Salesian-run program.

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Help Share the Bounty this Thanksgiving

Before Hurricane Matthew slammed into Haiti on October 4th -- killing 1,000 people and leaving 50,000 homeless, with food and safe drinking water desperately scarce -- Salesian missionaries throughout the island were already working hard to address a critical issue that will likely get worse before...

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Child Sponsorship Program Offers Real Hope

Young Josephine was in seventh grade at a Salesian school in Kazembe, Zambia when something unimaginable happened: in a heartbreaking attempt to escape the agonizing grip of poverty, Josephine’s parents sold her for a mere $30. Such desperation is one of the many reasons that Father Slawomir...

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Heroic Work Saves Youth from Homelessness and Hopelessness

According to UNICEF, as many as 28 million children around the world are classified as refugees or internally displaced persons -- with millions more likely unaccounted for. We see it every day in the news: so many vulnerable children fleeing the horrors of war, the aftermath of natural disasters,...

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Devastation in Haiti: Relief Efforts Underway

Haiti -- an already-fragile nation still working to rebuild after a catastrophic earthquake in 2010 -- has suffered another devastating blow: a Category 4 hurricane that has killed hundreds of people, with thousands more still at risk. Salesian missionaries on the ground have launched direct relief...

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Visit the Prisoners: An Act of Mercy in the Philippines

Since 2010, Salesian missionaries in the Philippines have conducted an innovative program on behalf of youth in legal trouble. From the day it opened, the “Magone Home Aftercare Program” has already accomplished remarkable success.

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Education and New Hope for Migrant Youth

In the slums of Vadodara, India, children are a precious commodity. Sent out by their parents to beg for money, toil on brick farms, or even commit petty theft, they bring in desperately-needed cash to help support their families. But they pay a big price: significant loss of hours in school, where...

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A Future Free of Exploitation for Cambodia’s Children

In the poverty-ravaged neighborhoods of Sihanoukville, Cambodia, living conditions are atrocious, drug and alcohol abuse rampant, and domestic abuse “normal.” Here, children are especially vulnerable -- to hunger, illness, violence, and despair. And it gets worse. During the last decade alone,...

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