Salesian Missions’ Gifts-In-Kind Program

Late last year, as the Ebola epidemic ignited and spread across West Africa, the Salesian Missions Office for International Programs (also referred to as the property and logistics program) quickly sprang into action. Rallying their extensive network of “giving supply” partners, the office...

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Improving the Health of Impoverished Women

This past March, Salesian missionaries in Mumbai, India helped organize a free health clinic for impoverished and marginalized women who otherwise could not afford care. The one-day clinic was held at the Don Bosco Provincial House and staffed by medical professionals from a nearby hospital. More...

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Renewed Hope for Child Slaves

“Trafficking isn’t the children’s wish ... and it’s a terrible situation for the girls and boys who suffer it. It kills their hope.” So says Marc Tsanda, a child psychologist who works on behalf of rescued youth at the Don Bosco Center in Porto-Novo, Benin. Sadly, far too many adults in...

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Finding Harmony through Music

It may seem odd to consider the violin as a powerful weapon. But in the capital city of San Salvador, El Salvador -- where brutal gang warfare renders the country one of the most dangerous places on earth -- close to 1,000 at-risk youth are battling the violence, crime and poverty of their...

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Clean Water for Children in Rwanda

As part of an ongoing commitment to improve access to clean water, and the infrastructure that supports it, Salesian missionaries in Rwanda recently completed a project that now delivers fresh drinking water and improved sanitation to hundreds of school children and their families.

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Nepal: The Race Against Monsoon Season

In Nepal -- where monsoon season looms large over the destruction and havoc already wreaked by two devastating earthquakes -- Salesian missionaries are transitioning into phase two of their disaster response efforts: medium-term relief.

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Our Mission in Action

What is it really like to work with some of the most impoverished youth and families around the world? What are the challenges, rewards, heartbreaks and successes? For eight weeks beginning in June, you can hear directly from some of our Salesian missionaries stationed across India, Central...

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South Africa: From Gang Member to Role Model

They are huddled on almost every corner, yet feel mostly invisible -- except for the stares of disgust from passersby who judge them as being inferior, delinquent or criminal. Malnourished, ill and traumatized, their days are awash in alcohol and their hours numbed with sniffing glue, the only...

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