Nurturing the Potential of Girls through Education

Far too often in developing countries, females are stigmatized as being second-class citizens. And while the reasons are many, the results are the same: a once-bright potential stifled by disempowerment, ultimately trapping girls in a lifetime of poverty and discrimination.

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New Hope for Unemployed Youth in Sri Lanka

Until recently, 19-year-old Tiron faced a grim future. Having dropped out of school for financial reasons, he held little hope of finding decent work and securing his long-term economic stability. In fact, without meaningful intervention, he risked becoming yet another indirect casualty of Sri...

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Sharing Thanksgiving’s Bounty

Once again, it is time for our Annual Food Distribution Appeal. This is an important campaign that raises the funds to get critical food aid to children and families who need it most. This food -- generously donated by our international relief partners -- is already on the ground. Now, we must rely...

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Don Bosco on Wheels: Extraordinary Abilities, Infinite Possibilities

In 2010, Father Jaime Reyes Ratana formed Don Bosco on Wheels -- a modest undertaking with a mission to provide wheelchairs and social support to a small group of youth with disabilities in Guadalajara, Mexico. Little did he know how great the need was -- or that his project would rapidly grow to...

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Building a Brighter Future for South Sudan

South Sudan suffers from pervasive social and cultural conditions that conspire to impede its future. Widespread poverty means that girls are routinely traded into marriage in exchange for livestock and other valuable goods. A lack of industry means that instead of attending school, boys are often...

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Committed to the Cause of Refugees

They’re crammed into the dark recesses of dubious ships like packed sardines. They’ve ransomed their futures to fund a voyage that may fail. And, should they reach the distant shores of a continent ill-equipped to accommodate them, they face a harsh reality: instead of asylum and a better life,...

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Envisioning a Brighter Future for Youth on the Streets

In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, thousands of little girls and boys live on the streets -- in gutters, under bridges, in drainage ditches or worse. Some are orphans -- alone in the world, doing what they can to survive. Others are runaways, fleeing from the poverty and hunger of their rural villages....

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A Meaningful Legacy for Haiti’s Children

In the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010, a loyal supporter of Salesian Missions approached us with an idea -- one that will provide hundreds of school children with the tools they need to build a brighter future.This supporter is Mr. Giancarlo Oderda -- and...

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