You Can Save a Life in the Philippines

When Super Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines on November 8th, our Salesian missionaries living on the islands responded immediately to help their suffering neighbors—including many children orphaned in the wake of the storm. By quickly coordinating an emergency relief effort on the...

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Safe Havens and Healthy Alternatives for Youth

Juarez, Mexico has been called “the murder capital of the world.” Escalating brutality among rival drug cartels -- combined with widespread corruption and poverty -- casts a cloud of hopelessness and despair over this city just to the west of El Paso. In a bold effort to curb the violence and...

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You Can Feed a Hungry Child … in time for Thanksgiving

There is a saying in Haiti: “An empty stomach has no ears.” Sadly, in countries all over the world, millions of children go for days without the food they need simply to function -- let alone to learn and grow. For as little as $1, you can provide life-saving nutrition to starving kids, just in...

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Haiti: New Hope for Homeless Youth

 In January 2010, more than one million Haitian children were orphaned by a massive earthquake whose aftermath shook the world.  With a 75-year presence in the country, the Salesians have re-affirmed their efforts to serve and educate these vulnerable boys and girls in order to provide a better...

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SLM Journal: Making a Difference Through Education

After graduating from Marquette University with a business degree, Tom Kelly anticipated a bright future in finance and accounting -- but felt called to do something more meaningful first. So, he volunteered as a Salesian Lay Missioner (SLM) and embarked on a long journey to the world’s newest...

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Samoa: Channeling the Spirit of Don Bosco

Inspired by St. John Bosco’s tenet of “practicing what’s been taught,” students at the Don Bosco Technical School in Samoa have helped furnish the libraries of 117 primary schools.  Thanks to these efforts, school children from impoverished communities have the resources to overcome...

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A Future for Child Laborers

Every day, millions of children around the globe are forced into labor. Some are snatched from the streets and coerced into slavery by unscrupulous restaurant, factory and plantation owners. Others are abandoned by impoverished parents, only to find themselves toiling in textile mills and coal...

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El Salvador: Donated Plane Delivers Hope

For the first time in company history, FedEx has donated a Boeing 727 aircraft to a Salesian university and Salesian Missions is proud to have helped make it happen. After a year of collaborative effort, this plane will now serve as a hands-on training tool for hundreds of students in El Salvador...

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