Improving Access to Health Care around the Globe

This past May, Salesian missionaries in Pucallpa, Peru organized a free medical campaign to serve residents who otherwise could not afford care. Since 2005, similar initiatives throughout Peru have helped improve the quality of life of those living in extreme poverty -- and have shined a spotlight...

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Hope for Central American Child Migrant Crisis

During the past year, tens of thousands of Central American children have fled horrific violence and poverty in search of safety and a better life in the United States.  And as usual, whenever the well-being or safety of children are in jeopardy, the Salesian family raises its collective voice in...

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All the World a Village

Less than a year after super-typhoon Haiyan wreaked widespread destruction across the Philippines this past November, positive signs of progress have emerged from the rubble. Much of this progress can be credited to the hard work and determination of our Salesian missionaries -- who are leading...

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Nourishing Bodies and Minds Around the Globe

Right now in Madrid, Spain, our missionaries are providing hot meals to more than 50 girls and boys attending programs at a Salesian center in the city. Hit particularly hard by the economic decline, these children’s families are struggling to meet basic financial demands -- and are having to...

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Education: Paving a Path Toward Peace

More than three years after the outbreak of war in Syria, little children breathe an air of sadness and pain. Their homes, families and innocence have been brutally torn from them by continued and horrifying violence; their futures literally smashed apart.  In cities around the war-torn country,...

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Preparing the Visually Impaired for Work, and Life

In Thailand, the visually impaired inhabit the margins of society. Millions of men, women and children have literally been cast aside -- deemed “third-class” citizens incapable of meaningful work. In the capital city of Bankok, Salesian missionaries are preparing previously marginalized young...

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Addressing the Global Water Crisis

Here in the developed world, we take water for granted. Readily available from municipal pipes or backyard wells, we drink it, bathe in it, and brush our teeth in it -- all without fear of becoming ill. Unfortunately, for 783 million people around the globe without access to a clean water source,...

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