Donated Jacket Transforms A Boy’s Life

Dinesh was ashamed of his tattered clothing – a grim reflection of his family’s extreme poverty. Feeling embarrassed, the 12-year-old boy would often skip school and other activities. But then, a brand new jacket changed everything.He received one of more than 1,000 coats donated by a generous...

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NPR Features Salesian Center Helping Former Child Soldiers

Today, Jasmine is taking cooking classes and plans to expand her culinary skills. Her dream is to one day open her own restaurant. But not long ago, she was a child soldier immersed in a gruesome and violent war. Her inspiring transformation is taking place at the Salesian Center in Cali, Colombia,...

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A Modern Day Miracle – Your gift multiplied many times!

Caring friends like you have a wonderful opportunity to make a huge impact! For every $1 you give, we can ship $14 worth of critical items to children and families around the globe who urgently need them. It’s a modern-day version of the Loaves & Fishes miracle when Jesus multiplied seven loaves...

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A Gift for Afghan Refugee Children

Their young lives have been filled with turmoil and suffering. But thanks to the determination of the Salesians, Afghan refugee children living in Pakistan, have good reason to believe that brighter days are ahead.Until recently, these children had little hope. Their families were forced to flee...

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Improving Lives One Pair of Shoes at a Time

In poor communities throughout the globe, children arrive at school in tattered shoes or bare feet (often after walking long distances). This can be a shameful and difficult experience that affects their ability to learn. But thanks to the generosity of TOMS Shoes—in partnership with Salesian...

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Cambodia Update: New Vocational School Brings Hope

As we reported last month, Cambodia is in desperate need of more schools to educate its impoverished youth. The new Don Bosco Vocational Center in Kep – which officially opened on March 7 – is a major step forward and brings hope and opportunity to youth in need.In a country where one out of...

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World Water Day: “Water, water everywhere…”

“Water, water everywhere, only if we share” was this year’s theme for World Water Day, recognized internationally on March 22nd. The Salesians are taking those words to heart as we deliver life-saving water supplies to impoverished communities.In the African village of Kong, Togo, families...

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In Cambodia: Waiting for a Chance

The Don Bosco Technical School in Sihanouk Ville has been flooded with requests from orphans and poor children who desperately want to attend school and learn a trade. But because of limited funds, many of them are still waiting for that chance.It’s a crisis our Salesian missionaries are working...

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