Samoa: Channeling the Spirit of Don Bosco

Inspired by St. John Bosco’s tenet of “practicing what’s been taught,” students at the Don Bosco Technical School in Samoa have helped furnish the libraries of 117 primary schools.  Thanks to these efforts, school children from impoverished communities have the resources to overcome...

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A Future for Child Laborers

Every day, millions of children around the globe are forced into labor. Some are snatched from the streets and coerced into slavery by unscrupulous restaurant, factory and plantation owners. Others are abandoned by impoverished parents, only to find themselves toiling in textile mills and coal...

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El Salvador: Donated Plane Delivers Hope

For the first time in company history, FedEx has donated a Boeing 727 aircraft to a Salesian university and Salesian Missions is proud to have helped make it happen. After a year of collaborative effort, this plane will now serve as a hands-on training tool for hundreds of students in El Salvador...

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India: Restoring the Childhoods of Street Kids

An estimated 10 million children live on the streets of India. Every day, they face the horrors of rampant exploitation, forced labor, widespread substance abuse and physical violence. At the Ashalayam Rehabilitation Center in Mohanlalganj, the Salesians are restoring broken childhoods by providing...

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Uganda: Clean Water Transforms a Community

In Uganda, more than 12 million people lack access to safe drinking water. Women and children are the most vulnerable: they walk hours each way, morning and night, to collect water in small jugs for their families. Exhausted by the task, many children miss school or arrive unable to learn, and...

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East Timor: Feeding Children … and the Future

At the Salesian elementary, secondary and technical schools in Fatumaca, many children must walk more than 2 hours to get to class. They leave home in the early hours of the morning without any breakfast. Until recently, they would arrive exhausted and unable to focus. But now, the Salesians are...

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Philippines: A Better Path for Street Children

Mario was just 10 years old when he ran away from home -- desperate to escape his abusive father. Living alone on the streets, the young boy relied on begging and odd jobs in order to pay for his food. He was destined for a life of poverty, drugs and crime ... had he not been discovered by social...

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South Sudan: Hope for Refugee Children

South Sudan is a young country marred by war and humanitarian crises. More than 4 million people -- nearly half of the nation’s population -- have fled to refugee camps to the north, where they live in deplorable conditions and are riddled with disease and hunger. Amidst the suffering, however,...

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