Sierra Leone: Helpline Rescues Children

While the civil war in Sierra Leone ended in 1999, the country remains ravaged. Families have been torn apart, many children are forced to serve as soldiers and even slaves, and an estimated 50,000 people have died. The country’s infrastructure, including their schools, has yet to be rebuilt. 

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Sri Lanka: Refugees Get “New Beginnings”

For Sri Lankan refugees who fled a vicious ethnic conflict in their own country, there is little choice but to seek safety at refugee camps in India. Many do not have the resources to return to Sri Lanka, and many are fearful to return to their home country. During the war, many who tried to return...

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In India: A Team Effort to Rescue Street Children

At the Coimbatore railway station in India, homeless children are a common sight. Many arrive by train – they are stowaways taking desperate measures to escape extreme poverty, abuse and neglect. Sadly, they fail to realize that life on the streets will only prolong their misery.Fortunately,...

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In Sri Lanka: Giving Girl Soldiers A Better Life

Their bright smiles and cheerful appearances conceal the grim pasts of the young girls at the Mary Help of Christians House in Negombo, Sri Lanka. These girls are former child soldiers, trying to heal and move on from devastating physical and emotional wounds.Mary Help of Christians is home to 173...

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A Lasting Gift for Young Girls in Bolivia

Having just graduated from Notre Dame, Angela knew she wanted to do something to help children in need. She applied to the Salesian Lay Missioner program and accepted an assignment in Bolivia at a boarding school for impoverished girls. It is run by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who...

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In El Salvador: Looking for an Escape

Antonio and Luis are inspiring examples of how the generosity of caring friends like you combines with the love and determination of Salesian missionaries like Father Jose Moratalla to turn lives around in a dramatic way. A recent Catholic News Service article, told their story.Antonio was a...

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In Search of a New Beginning After the Tsunami

It has been a challenging five years since an earthquake and resulting tsunami struck the Solomon Islands, wiping out at least 13 villages and leaving children and families without food, water and shelter. Amidst the relentless suffering and despair, one village on the Solomon Islands is finally...

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Update: Fund to Help Cyclone Thane Recovery

Salesians in India plan to create a Disaster Management Endowment Fund to help communities in southeast India devastated by Cyclone Thane. In the aftermath of the storm, thousands of buildings were damaged and destroyed; 20,000 families were left homeless; 80% of crops were wiped out; and dozens of...

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