Salesian Missions Partners with Stop Hunger Now for Greater Impact

Whether it’s a frightened street child who arrives at one of our shelters because she is starving, or a hungry student who can’t focus with an empty stomach, or a frail baby barely able to survive, a nutritious meal can often make the difference between success and failure … or life and...

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In Haiti: New Hope for Impoverished Students

Haiti stands as an example of the slow, painstaking progress required to help the poor make sustainable, tangible progress. More than two years after the earthquake, the country still has many broken buildings and tent cities, and the streets team with children that have nowhere to go. Thousands...

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Book Donation Opens the World to Ugandan Children

Uganda is recovering from decades of civil war and is struggling to overcome major challenges as rebel uprisings continue to threaten the stability of the country and the safety of its children and families. To make matters worse, HIV/AIDS is further breaking down the fabric of society and leaving...

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A Special School for Vulnerable Children

The Democratic Republic of Congo is notorious for having immense riches while many of its citizens suffer in extreme poverty. Seven million children are not educated because their families cannot afford to pay the required tuition for school. The country ranks dead last for human development. In...

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Crisis in Mali: Salesian Center Takes in Refugees

Political instability and fears of chaos in Mali have driven more than 300,000 people from their homes. Militant groups from Pakistan are moving in from the north and there’s panic that they will use the region as a platform for drugs and arms trade. They have already begun recruiting youngsters...

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In Cambodia: At-Risk Girls on the Right Path

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in Asia and the world, with 40% of its children chronically malnourished. Girls are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking, child prostitution and substance abuse. Upwards of 20,000 children work the streets of Phnom Penh. 

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In Colombia: Help for Child Victims of Drug Wars

In many countries around the globe, children are victimized by armed conflict, and in Colombia far too many children face this harsh reality. Unbelievably, more than half of the homeless and displaced people in the country are under 18. Children in this situation need more than just food or...

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A Modern Day Miracle: Your gift multiplied 5 times!

Caring friends like you have a wonderful opportunity to make a huge impact! COMIDE (the Committee for International Development in Belgium) will match every $1 donation with an additional gift of $4. That's a total of $5 for every dollar contributed toward valuable programs that are providing...

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