Improving the Standard of Living for Child Slaves

This month, in the lead-up to Ash Wednesday and the sacrifices of Lent, celebrants from around the world marked Shrove Tuesday with traditional foods, costumed parades, live music and jubilant displays of fireworks. Sadly, the euphoria inspired by these pyrotechnics easily masks the grave human...

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Brighter Futures for Homeless Youth

Today in Bolivia, more than 4,000 innocent boys and girls -- some as young as 6 years old -- live on the streets. Many have been abandoned by parents too desperately poor to feed them. Others have escaped violence at home or at school. At the Don Bosco Project in the capital of Santa Cruz, Salesian...

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Salesians: Serving the Whole Person

Every three seconds, a child dies from a preventable disease -- simply because of a lack of access to basic medical care. In fact, millions of people in impoverished countries remain vulnerable to illnesses that shouldn’t be fatal but are. In more than 200 medical clinics and hospitals operated...

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From Violence to Hope: Empowering Young Women in Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, violence against women runs rampant -- while sadly, its perpetrators often remain above the law. Beaten, trafficked, forced into marriage (or worse), girls as young as 13 regularly fall victim to what becomes a lifetime of torment and despair -- with no hope of protection. The...

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The Democratic Republic of Congo: Training Medical Professionals

“The Democratic Republic of Congo is the worst country to be a mother,” asserts a new humanitarian report.  The findings include a staggering statistic: One in 30 women will likely die as a result of maternity-related complications. At the Salesian-run Don Bosco Center in Goma-Ngangi, a new...

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Haiti: Four Years Later

Four years after a massive earthquake left Haiti in ruins, Salesian missionaries continue to work with those in need -- leading ongoing reconstruction efforts as well as assisting families and children who still require shelter, warm meals and clean water. And, thanks to the caring support of...

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Philippines: Rebuilding After the Typhoon

In the wake of widespread devastation wrought by Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in November, the Salesians in the Philippines are working together to launch an exciting new project to reconstruct entire villages. “Adopt and Rebuild a Community” (ARC) will involve local residents on four...

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Central African Republic: The Crisis Continues

Since our first report on the Central African Republic, the situation in the capital city of Bangui remains grave.  Sadly, even little children are now being recruited into armed conflict -- or worse. Many have suffered gruesome attacks. As the violence approaches unprecedented levels, Salesian...

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