HAITI UPDATE: Relief supplies making a difference

Today, the Salesian distribution warehouse in Haiti is virtually empty. Relief supplies that once filled this enormous facility have made their way to devastated communities and suffering victims. But more help is desperately needed.Recently, Jessica O'Connor from our Salesian Missions office...

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ETHIOPIA: A Life Saving Meal

Seeing Deguna's smile today doesn't show the hardship he has lived through in his short 6 years of life. But it does reflect the love, medicine and education provided by the Salesian Missions.  He also serves as a witness of the hope that comes from being cared for.

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IVORY COAST UPDATE: Conditions remain desperate

More than two months have passed since 30,000 refugees escaped to the Salesian Center in Duekoue and the situation remains desperate. The threat of violence continues in the wake of a controversial presidential election back in November. Until the situation stabilizes, tens of thousands of refugees...

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KOSOVO: A Brighter Future For Returning Refugees

Photo credit: UN Photo/R Lemoyne (1999)Over the past several years, thousands of families have been forced to abandon their homes, their belongings and their livelihoods in the midst of ethnic violence and turmoil in Kosovo. But now, the outlook for peace and stability is encouraging – and many...

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MEXICO: Hope and opportunity for vulnerable young girls

Each and every day, children from the southern Mexican state of Chiapas desperately struggle to survive. They live in one-room huts made of wood slats and mud. They drink water from dirty streams and contaminated wells. Food is scarce and health care in non-existent. Many die from preventable...

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Loaves & Fishes: Your gift multiplied 5 times!

With our annual Loaves and Fishes Appeal, your gift for needy children will multiply FIVE TIMES!Jesus said, “I have compassion on the multitude… they have been with Me three days and have nothing to eat.” He took seven loaves of bread and a few little fishes, gave thanks and blessed them…...

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Colombia: Success stories of former child soldiers

Reformed child soldiers Lorena (left in photo) and Edwin (right in photo) share their stories.As a youngster – at an age when many girls are enjoying time on the playground or dressing up their dolls – Lorena was toting a deadly weapon. She was one of thousands of child soldiers coerced into...

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Ivory Coast Update: 30,000 Refugees Now in Salesian Care

 Last month, we reported that more than 20,000 victims had fled to the Salesian compound in Duekoue, Ivory Coast, after rebels looted and burned their homes. Since then, the violence has escalated and the Salesians are now caring for more than 30,000 refugees. The desperate conditions at the...

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