Defending the Human Rights of Youth

I Am Not A Witch Video“It is impossible that a child has made a pact with the devil.” These are the words of Father José Luis de la Fuente, a Salesian missionary working on behalf of marginalized children in Kara, Togo. Sadly, too many adults in his community believe just that -- and as a...

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Small Loans, Huge Opportunities

Touching lives for a better future. For the past 21 years, this motto has guided the activities of Bosco Seva Kendra (BSK), the development arm of the Salesian Province of St. Joseph in Hyderabad, India. From poverty-eradication programs, to sustainable development initiatives, to education and...

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New Hope for East Timor’s Orphans

Living conditions in East Timor are among the worst in the world. More than one million people struggle with extreme poverty, malnutrition and poor health -- conditions directly related to a brutal and lengthy civil war that claimed an estimated 183,000 lives and left survivors struggling to meet...

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Help for Sri Lanka’s Flood Victims

On Dec. 26 in Sri Lanka, a week of non-stop torrential rains unleashed nature’s fury -- triggering catastrophic flooding and mudslides that killed at least 39 people and forced more than one million men, women and children from their homes. Salesian missionaries in the central and northern...

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A Contract for the Future of Colombia’s Youth

For 15 years, Father Jaime Garcia enacted his dream of training the poor youth of Colombia for future employment. Now, a new program called Pacto Motor is helping ensure that the vast majority of his students find decent jobs immediately after graduating. 

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Progress in Haiti

Five years ago in Haiti, a devastating earthquake shook an already fragile country to its core. Today, thanks to focused leadership by our Salesian missionaries on the ground, steady progress toward a complete recovery -- and restoration of hope -- continues.

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New Hope for the “Children of Conflict”

More than 35 million people around the world -- 85 percent of whom are women and children -- have been devastated by war, natural disasters and other catastrophic events. And many of these innocent victims end up in cramped refugee camps -- where they languish for years, with no chance to work or...

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Escaping Poverty Through Tea

“This project has been a miracle!” So says Lawrence Kerketta, a former tea laborer in the Indian province of Assam. Having once earned less than $1 a day -- an amount that left him unable to cover his family’s basic expenses -- he now owns and operates a modest tea garden that provides income...

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