Memorial Chapel Program

You can make an individual gift to build a memorial chapel. Family, friends or organizations can group together their donations to build a memorial chapel for a departed friend or relative or in honor of a favored saint.

  • Your gift will provide building materials and the transportation of materials to each individual Memorial Chapel site.
  • Your gift of $18,000 will build a Village Memorial Chapel.
  • Your gift of $23,000 will build a Memorial Chapel in the most remote, difficult and forgotten areas.
  • Your gift of $28,000 will build a Memorial Chapel in the most far removed and neglected areas.

Help build simple houses of worship

A wonderful way to remember a loved one. Chapels in the missions cost between $18,000 and $28,000 depending on the country in which they are built. What makes each chapel truly unique is the fact that every chapel is built in an informal way. The missionaries and the local people design it themselves from its appearance to the size of the chapel. No two chapels are built alike, which makes it very special for the Catholic communities who are fortunate enough to receive this special gift from our donors. A plaque will also be placed on each chapel.

Contact us by email to learn more about the Memorial Chapel Program.

Mail Donations

Mailing your donation to us is easy.
Download the form below, print it out, fill in your information and mail it to us.
Download the Chapel Memorial Form for details

Phone Donations

If you prefer to speak with one of our donor representatives, give us a call at: 914.633.8344
(Office hours are Monday – Friday between 8:30am and 4:00pm EST)