According to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), 26 percent of Egypt’s population lives in poverty, while 49 percent of those living in Upper Egypt cannot provide for their basic needs of food and shelter.

Egypt’s unemployment rate has reached 13.2 percent and that number almost doubles for women. Egypt has been experiencing a rise in poverty and food insecurity for the past three years, according to reports released by the United Nations food agency and its partners.

Salesian-run educational and social development services give hope to youth and their families living in poverty throughout the country.

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Provide technical & vocational training

Salesian missionaries operate the Don Bosco Industrial Technical Institute, a center of excellence located in Cairo. Every year, the institute trains youth as industrial experts, prepares them to enter the workforce and helps the country maintain a high level of industrial development.

Students at the Don Bosco Industrial Technical Institute have recently been working on the development of two innovative prototypes to implement solar power. This project was carried out in cooperation with AFD (Agence Française de Développement), IECD (Institut Européen de Coopération et de Développement) and Schneider Egypt in order to provide students with the tools and skills needed to undertake this project.

Students are working on developing a pump, which will use the energy generated by the sun through panels without the use of batteries. A second project is to develop ideas for how to provide a small house with solar energy, in addition to using the national power grid, depending on the availability of the sun.

“The idea of ​​the project is to teach students, the next generation of engineers, to be familiar with new technologies for the use of solar energy,” said an Egyptian manager of Schneider.

Another program, the Salesian House, was founded in Alexandria in 1896 by Father Rua to provide education to the many Italian migrants who lived there. Today, the Don Bosco School in Alexandria educates more than 900 students, mostly Muslim, in classes ranging from primary school to vocational training. The courtyards and playgrounds of the Salesian House are filled with students after school who connect with their peers in a safe and supportive environment. The institute is recognized, and partially funded, by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Provide youth centers & safe activities

Salesian missionaries in the community of Zeitoun, within the city of Cairo, offer an oratory and parish. The programs primarily serve young Egyptians and South Sudanese who are refugees in the country. Father Dany Kerio, rector of the Salesian community, notes that the oratory playground is a meeting place of culture and people.

The Salesian community provides education and social development services for youth and their families living in poverty in the region. Youth are able to access the Salesian programs and gain assistance with homework, connect with their peers, and be connected with adults who provide mentorship and support in their lives. The community is also serving many South Sudanese refugees who have escaped violence and conflict in their home country. But many are faced with racial discrimination and challenges in Egypt. Salesian missionaries work to mitigate these difficulties through programs aimed at helping refugees integrate into their new communities.

Respond to refugee needs

In 2014, thanks to the support of external donors, Salesian Missions began working with the Instituto Don Bosco in Cairo to fund scholarships as part of the Sunrise Project. This skills training program assists refugees and vulnerable Egyptians in gaining the technical and life skills they need to find employment and support their families in their new country.

Through the 2017-2018 project year, the Sunrise Project has improved the livelihoods and quality of life of more than 1,300 Sub-Saharan African and Syrian refugees and vulnerable Egyptians. Of this total, 46.9 percent were female. Some 62.8 percent were African, 8.3 percent were Syrian and 28.9 percent were vulnerable Egyptians.

Through the Sunrise Project, Salesian missionaries offer vocational and technical training to assist refugees in gaining the skills needed for employment in their new host countries, which for many is particularly challenging due to labor laws and a lack of established social and professional networks.

This project also provides life skills training, health awareness, entrepreneurship literacy workshops, job panels, seed grants, and violence prevention training to help refugees build the skills needed to succeed in the workplace and adjust in their new urban environments. One of the great successes of the project is the additional social services, including transportation vouchers for travel to and from the courses funded for participants. Those engaged in the training are also provided vouchers to purchase groceries and other needs from a local store. This helps to ensure that basic needs like nutrition are met for these individuals as they work hard to meet their own needs.

Each participant also receives a voucher for a primary care checkup and eye exam with a doctor who comes to the school. Some medicine prescriptions are included, and they receive referrals for secondary care as needed.


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Salesian Missions includes agriculture in its vocational training programs – to ensure that youth of Rwanda learn better agricultural practices as well as keep the school self-sustaining in the face of the country’s food shortages.

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Salesian Missions includes agriculture in its vocational training programs – to ensure that youth of Rwanda learn better agricultural practices as well as keep the school self-sustaining in the face of the country’s food shortages.

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Salesian Missions includes agriculture in its vocational training programs – to ensure that youth of Rwanda learn better agricultural practices as well as keep the school self-sustaining in the face of the country’s food shortages.

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