Author: Salesian Missions

Publication Date: May 13, 2013

A Modern Day Miracle – Your gift multiplied many times!

Caring friends like you have a wonderful opportunity to make a huge impact! For every $1 you give, we can ship $14 worth of critical items to children and families around the globe who urgently need them. It’s a modern-day version of the Loaves & Fishes miracle when Jesus multiplied seven loaves of bread and few fish to feed four thousand people.

This opportunity is possible because Salesian Missions has formed partnerships with organizations that donate literally tons of essential supplies. We just need your help to transport them to the places where they will do the most good.

On average, it costs $5,000 to ship a large container (about the size of a tractor-trailer truck) to a Salesian warehouse. But that container can hold at least $70,000 worth of donated food, medicine, clothing, school supplies and more.

Far greater than the dollar value, however, is the difference that these items are making in the lives of those who receive them.

Such as the patients at a clinic that cares for orphans, vulnerable youth and HIV/AIDS cases in the Lubombo Region of Swaziland. They are among the poorest of the poor and often go hungry for days and weeks at a time. Thanks to deliveries of donated food, they are getting the nutrition they desperately need and are able to receive medication that they would not be able to take on an empty stomach.

Please take part in a modern-day Loaves & Fishes miracle! There is no better way to multiply your generosity for the benefit of so many needy children around the globe. Remember, for every $1 you give today, you will be providing $14 worth of life-saving goods to those who need them most. Thank you for making such a huge impact and making our mission your mission!

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