Author: Salesian Missions

Publication Date: August 18, 2011

AFRICAN FAMINE UPDATE: Salesians Respond to Crisis

In response to the massive famine that threatens 12 million people in the Horn of Africa – including Somalia, Northern Kenya and Eastern Ethiopia – the Salesians have undertaken several major projects that could save up to 36,000 lives.

The cost of these emergency programs is expected to be $850,000 – which translates to just $23.61 for each person helped. So far, we have raised about a third of the needed funds and are hopeful that the remaining amount will come in soon as caring friends and donors learn of the crisis.

A summary of the Salesian efforts include:

  • Delivery of 10,000-12,000 liters of water twice a day, enough for 20,000 people.
  • Reconstruction of four wells that will provide a long-term water supply for 8,000 people.
  • Drilling of four new wells that will give an additional 6,000 people access to clean drinking water.
  • Emergency food distribution for 1,000 starving victims a day.

In addition to these projects, the Salesians are desperately trying to care for 80,000 famine victims who have fled to our refugee camps in search of food, water and medical attention. They have nowhere else to turn and many of the children and elderly are barely clinging to life.

These famine victims desperately need your help! Please give whatever amount you can today – your generosity can literally save a life!