Author: Salesian Missions

Publication Date: October 03, 2011

Don Bosco Tech Opens A New World Of Opportunity

In the remote regions of Cambodia, children suffer in isolation with little or no chance to break free from poverty and despair. It's an endless cycle that continues generation after generation.

Now, for the first time ever, there's reason for hope. The new Don Bosco Technical School in Kep opening this month will use the internet to connect distant rural communities with a new world of opportunity.

The school will provide impoverished young people with the chance to develop valuable skills in internet technology, web design and audiovisual production.

"Our students may have never used a computer, but they know that it is going to be an important part of their future," explains Father Albeiro Rodas. "We see this as an excellent opportunity to train students to be on the cutting-edge of what the job market will require."

While the school is starting out with 20 students, work is already underway for an additional section that will open next year.

"As our country's economy expands, we have to make absolutely sure we are not leaving out youth from rural areas and underprivileged urban communities," adds Father Rodas.

With a total of seven vocational training centers serving more than 1,300 youth in Cambodia, the Salesians are fulfilling that objective.
The Salesians are widely considered the largest provider of vocational technical education in the world. As a result, the impact of your generosity is far reaching, and empowers at-risk youth to make great strides. Thank you for whatever you can give to help us sustain this meaningful work.