Author: Salesian Missions

Publication Date: November 12, 2014

Help Share the Bounty this Thanksgiving

It’s hard to imagine: going days — even months — with barely anything to eat. Yet according to the United Nations, 805 million people around the globe do just that, because they do not have regular access to adequate food. While erasing chronic hunger will take a worldwide effort, Salesian Missions is committed to being part of the solution, in every community in which our missionaries serve

Thanks to ongoing partnerships with international relief organizations — and our long-standing presence in more than 130 countries — Salesian Missions is ready to provide life-saving nutrition to thousands of children and families who are desperate for food. In fact, this food is already on the ground. The biggest challenge is getting it into the mouths of those who need it most.

You can help meet this challenge.

Each year at this time, we launch our Annual Food Distribution Appeal. This critical effort raises the funds we need to transport literally tons of free meals from the shipping docks to vital programs — where our missionaries stand ready to prepare and serve it.

Now, imagine something a little easier: just a single $1 from you can provide 20 times that amount in nourishment! That means that just one $7 donation helps us transport $140 worth of food; $10 immediately becomes $200; and $12 can distribute $240 worth of hearty meals to those struggling with chronic hunger and malnutrition.

The direct, human impact of your generosity is significant. For example, in Uganda — where nearly 67 percent of the population lives in extreme poverty — thousands of children who attend Salesian-run schools receive at least one nutritious meal each day. These meals, made possible by caring friends like you, ease the gnawing hunger pains that prevent girls and boys from focusing on their studies. Now, a precious child, like young John can thrive in the classroom and have a much better chance of breaking the cycle of poverty that grips so much of the country.

However, for every child like John, thousands more wonder where their next meal will come from. Our Annual Food Distribution Appeal is your chance to ensure that other children and families will also receive the nourishment they crave, and desperately need.

Please consider a special donation today.Remember, for every $1 you can give, we can provide $20 worth of food. What a remarkable gift to share in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

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