Author: Salesian Missions

Publication Date: March 20, 2012

In Search of a New Beginning After the Tsunami

It has been a challenging five years since an earthquake and resulting tsunami struck the Solomon Islands, wiping out at least 13 villages and leaving children and families without food, water and shelter. Amidst the relentless suffering and despair, one village on the Solomon Islands is finally rejoicing.

The Salesians — along with 700 parishioners — celebrated the grand reopening of the Cathedral of St. Peter diocesan center, which was destroyed by the tsunami. It will serve hundreds of families still struggling to rebuild their shattered lives.

The new center was made possible through the hard work and determination of the local people as well as the generosity of caring donors from around the world. The result is a much-needed community resource that includes a church, multi-purpose hall, youth center and nursery school.

What's more, the center will provide job training for 60 young people in trades such as construction, mechanics, electricity and air-conditioning. Not only will this education be crucial for finding employment, it will empower students with the skills needed to help rebuild their devastated homeland.

St. Peter's is a wonderful example of how the will and faith of a community can overcome adversity and thrive in the wake of tragedy.

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