Author: Salesian Missions

Publication Date: October 09, 2012

In Sri Lanka: Disabled Children Get Life-Changing Early Christmas Present

Six years ago in Sri Lanka, a little baby boy named Dulitha was born prematurely and diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Abandoned by his mother in the hospital, the baby was placed in the care of the Salesians. But his inability to walk created difficulty for his caretakers … but an early Christmas present offered tremendous help.

It was an item that many of us take for granted – a basic baby stroller. But for Dulitha, it was life-changing.

Previously, Dulitha’s caretakers at the Salesian center had to carry the young boy. However, with so many children in need, it was nearly impossible to take him anywhere.

A new world has opened up for Dulitha, thanks to the strollers provided by Kids in Distressed Situations, Inc., (K.I.D.S.) through a partnership with Salesian Missions. Now, he travels comfortably as his caretakers bring him to many places he was before never able to go. His young life has improved dramatically.

In total, 250 baby strollers were provided to Salesian centers throughout Sri Lanka that care for more than 800 orphaned, abandoned and disabled children. This means hundreds of children like Dulitha will have a good reason to celebrate this Christmas.

Just a few dollars is enough to make sure another needy child can receive a special gift in time for Christmas this year. Whether it’s food, water, medicine … or even baby strollers – you can change a life! Thank you for whatever you can give today.

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