Author: Salesian Missions

Publication Date: October 31, 2011

“New Beginnings” for Colombian Refugees

More than 450,000 people have fled the violence of Colombia to neighboring Ecuador, Venezuela, Panama and Costa Rica.  The volatile situation in their home country means that they often arrive with no job skills, making resettlement in their new country nearly impossible.
Even more challenging, negative stereotypes of the refugees only compound their problems.

Thankfully, the Salesian Missions “New Beginnings” program is giving these Colombian families the chance to achieve stability and the opportunity to send their children to school.  New Beginnings specifically provides training and technical skills that will enable the refugees to find gainful employment.  And the program offers educational courses as well as job placement support.  

What's more, the Salesians help guide refugees through the proper registration process in their new homeland, which allows them to work legally there. In addition, the Salesians are coordinating with Departments of Labor in each country to ensure that the training given to refugees matches the needs of employers … which further improves the chances of securing a better life.

Thanks to the New Beginnings program, victims of the violence and chaos in Colombia can start over and build a stable, hopeful future for themselves and their families.

Your generosity supports those forced to flee their violent homeland. Please consider a gift that will help fund programs like New Beginnings to move people from poverty and uncertainty to a more stable and hopeful future.