Author: Salesian Missions

Publication Date: July 08, 2013

South Sudan: Hope for Refugee Children

South Sudan is a young country marred by war and humanitarian crises. More than 4 million people — nearly half of the nation’s population — have fled to refugee camps to the north, where they live in deplorable conditions and are riddled with disease and hunger. Amidst the suffering, however, the Salesians are providing a ray of hope.

Recognizing the plight of many innocent victims of the war — and the particular vulnerability of South Sudan’s children — the Salesians are working to ensure that young girls and boys have a fighting chance for a brighter future.

The “Child Friendly Learning Space” at the Mayo Camp in Khartoum provides education to 600 refugee youth, ages 6 to 14. Additionally, the school strives to provide warm meals so students can concentrate and make the most of their education.

The children’s optimism and eagerness to learn belies the conditions and challenges they face. Many of the 17 classrooms, and all of the latrines, have collapsed as a result of the rainy season. Textbooks are so scarce that students cut them up to share. Food is often in short supply and split among five or more students.

Yet, when asked what they hope to achieve in school and in life, hundreds of hands shoot up — a true sign that education can provide a viable future for South Sudan’s youth.

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